Promoting Regional Partnership, Networking and Cooperation between Greece - Czech Republic for the efficient use of the EU Structural Funds
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1. Greetings - Introduction (10.00- 10.15)
    Deputy Minister for Economy and Finance, Mr. Christos Folias
    Minister for Local Development, Mr. Jiri Paroubek

2. The EU- Regional and Cohesion policy (10.15- 10.30)
    Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis, MEP

3. Structural Funds- The Greek experience (10.30- 11.30)

  • The Greek CSF and the role of the Ministry of Economy & Finance /central Managing Authority
    Mr. N. Sofos, General Secretariat for Investment and Development
  • Coordination of programmes. Financial Flows to final beneficiaries. Controls. The Greek Management Information System - MIS (“OΠΣ”). The Programming period 2007-2013
    Heads of Directorates of the central Managing Authority- Ministry of Economy and Finance :
    Mr A. Goumas - MIS,
    Mr K. Koukolias - Coordination of the implementation of the OPS,
    Mr D. Sousounis – Single Paying Authority,
    Mrs. M. Vergopoulou – Cohesion Fund,
    Mrs Kostopoulou – Head of "Strategy and policies" Unit of the Directorate for Strategy, Planning and Evaluation of Development programme.

4. Coffee Break (11.30- 12.00)

5. Structural Funds- The Greek experience- second part (12.00- 13.00)

  • Administrative capacity in local/ regional administration
    • Mr. G. Tsiotras, Secretary General of Central Macedonia
    • Mr. P. Koukoulopoulos, President of KEDKE (Central Union of Municipalities & Communities of Greece)
    • Mr. S. Kefalidis, General Manager of Rodopi Development Company S.A.

  • A good practice to implement infrastructure projects
    Ms Z. Papasiopi, Deputy General Manager - Support - "EGNATIA ODOS s.a."

6. Programmes of Interregional/Intergovernmental/Transborder Cooperation (13.00- 13.15)
    Mr K. Kokkinoplitis, Head of Managing Authority “Interreg”

7. Presentation of the Czech situation (13.15- 14.00)

  • Structural funds in the Czech Republic in the period 2004-2006
    Mrs. Vera Jourova, Deputy Minister of Regional Development
  • Common Regional Operational Programme and the role of the regions
    Managing Authority of the Regional Operational Mrs. Ivana Kruzelova - Head Officer of Management Unit
  • The Czech regions
    Heads of the regions/ Mayors of the Czech Republic

8. Discussion- Conclusions

A buffet-lunch given by H.E. Mrs. Jana Bulenova in the honour of the Minister for Local Development of the Czech Republic H. E. Jiri Paroubek
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