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Crete Regional Operational Programme 2000-2006


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ROP Budget


Total Cost:  



Public Cost:   



Community Participation:



National Participation:  



Private Participation: 





Strategic Objectives


The strategy for the region is defined in terms of 6 basic areas of intervention:


n              Innovation and information society


n              Tourism


n              Environment


n              Urban development


n              Developing mountain and other rural areas. Improvement of competitiveness in agriculture. Sustainable and integrated rural development, safeguarding the environment and the social fabric of the rural areas.


n              Communications - transport programme is implemented through 7 priority axes and 32 measures.



Selected Basic Indicators


The basic results expected from the completion of the programme include:


n              3,000 m2 of new buildings for tertiary education and research centres


n              5,000 tourist beds to be modernized


n              Interventions in 400 km of basic road network


n              150 new classrooms


n              5 new waste water treatment plants


n              4 ports upgraded


n              5 integrated urban development programmes


n              3 new Industrial and Business Estates


n              15 Town Plans


n              31 million m3 of water saved


n              350 agricultural holdings investment plans


n              Construction of one landfill site


n              3 new waste water treatment plants


n              15 integrated interventions (Local Employment Initiatives)


n              170 training programmes


n              90 new structures created (Help at Home Units, Child Care Centres, Day Care Centres for the Elderly)


n              250 km of interior road network in mountainous, disadvantaged regions improved



Implementation Progress


461 projects have been approved up to date, their total public cost amounting to 78.8% of the overall public cost of the Programme. Total budget contracted (legal commitments) corresponds to 55.5% of the overall public cost of the programme, while expenditure to date on the whole programme amounts to 33.9% of the overall public cost of the ROP.


Important projects have already been completed, or are now approaching completion, including:


n              "Construction of exterior water pipes – main pipes and drilling operations in the Loutraki – Krousonas region – Electrical and mechanical equipment supply", with a budget of €3,042,064


n              "Installation of waste water treatment systems for the town of Ierapetra and the surrounding area", with a budget of €2,768,559


n              "Technology-Research Institute. Centre for Entrepreneurship and Training", with a budget of €3,522,000


n              "Construction of facilities for the Crete Polytechnic University", with a budget of €3,030,080


n              "Medical equipment for the extension of the Venizeleio General Hospital, Herakleion, Crete", with a budget of €2,934,703


n              "Procurement of bio-medical equipment for the Regional University Hospital of Herakleion", with a budget of €4,402,054


n              "Upgrading of the Lasithi Prefecture Road Network", with a budget of €1,467,351


n              "Improvement of the Kolybari-Episkopi-Kakopetros and Episkopi-Deliana roads", with a budget of €1,614,087


n              "Upgrading of the Herakleion Road Network", with a budget of €1,467,351


n              "Construction of the Faneromeni Dam in Herakleion Prefecture", with a budget of €32,408,232, (completion 31-12-2004)