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Eastern MacedoniaThrace Regional Operational Programme 2000-2006


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ROP Budget


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Strategic Objectives


The strategic development objective for the Region of Eastern Macedonia – Thrace over the period 2000-2006 has been defined as "population increase, with an emphasis on smooth social integration of repatriated Greeks and immigrants, fostered by the exploitation of the region’s economic potential and more widespread affluence".


The strategic development objective comprises the following main strategic targets:


n             Developing a contemporary, self-sufficient economy and encouraging more outward-looking attitudes by promoting actions in the primary sector, in processing and manufacturing, in tourism and services


n              Exploiting the geographical position of the region


n              Protecting and capitalising on the natural environment and mineral resources of the region


n              Reducing intra-regional social inequalities and improving the quality of life


The Regional Operational Programme is implemented through 6 priority axes and 36 individual measures.



Selected Basic Indicators


The basic results expected from the completion of the programme are as follows:


n              Support for 900 investment plans in the agricultural sector


n              Regeneration of 50 rural communities


n              Construction of dams with a total holding capacity of 3.000.000 m3 of water


n              Construction of 80km of rural roads


n              Construction of 40km of new national roads


n              Construction of 40.000m2 of new primary and secondary school buildings  


n              Construction of 22.540m2 of new technical college and university buildings


n              300km of water supply and 40km of sewage pipes


n              Construction of 2 new waste water treatment plants


n              1 urban waste management system


n              Improvement of 4 fishing-boat harbours


n              Flood prevention interventions covering 25.000 hectares of land; anti-erosion and enrichment of underground aquifers actions covering a total area of 7.500 hectares


n              Completion-modernization of infrastructure in two industrial areas


n              Support for 50 investment plans in tourism


n              Integrated interventions in 6 urban areas


n              Provision of 300 new hospital beds



Implementation Progress


795 projects have been approved up to date, their total public cost amounting to 74.2% of the overall public cost of the programme. Total budget contracted (legal commitments) amounts to 45.6% of the total public cost of the programme, while the expenditure to date on the whole programme amounts to 25.8% of the overall public cost of the ROP.


Important projects have already been completed or are now approaching completion, including:


n              "Modernisation of fishing-boat harbours in Abdira ", with a budget of €1,582,921 


n               "Elevation – support and reinforcement projects in the flood preventing earthworks of Pythio, Amorio – Lavara, Petalo – Peplo in Evros Prefecture", with a budget of €1,915,584


n              "Exploitation of the Falakron Ski Centre", with a budget of €1,086,369


n              "Supply of equipment for the buildings I and II of the University Law School", with a budget of €1,123,330


n              "Main sewage pipe & sewage pump station in Drama", with a budget of €3,347,769


n              "Improvement works across the road (no3) from Xanthi to Magiko", with a budget of €3,139,988


n              "Construction of a preliminary school in Kentauros", with a budget of €1,025,637