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Operational Programme Highways, Ports, Urban Development 2000-2006


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OP Budget


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Strategic Objectives


The strategic objectives of the Operational Programme include a comprehensive improvement in the basic transport infrastructure (road and sea transport) over the whole country, improvement of road safety and urban development in the country’s major cities.


The specific objectives in the area of road transport are as follows:


n                    Improvement in the country’s strategic transport links with other EU Member States, and with the rest of Europe, through the development of the main road axes, primarily the Patra-Athens-Thessaloniki-Evzoni (PATHE) highway and the Egnatia Highway, which have been included in the Trans-European Transport Network and the Pan-European Corridors.


n                    Effective response to projected transport loads (of persons and goods) between the major urban centres –Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra– mainly through the completion of major sections of the PATHE and Egnatia highways, and their links with main ports and airports.


n                    The promotion of balanced regional development, especially through improvement of access to regions not serviced by the Egnatia and PATHE axes, and improvement of road transport in the interior of the larger Greek islands.


The specific objectives in the area of sea transport are as follows:


n                    Contribution to the creation of a port system which will assist the balanced development of the island regions, and certain mainland regions of the country.


n                    Improvement in navigation safety through an integrated action plan already launched under the 2nd CSF.


The specific objectives in the area of urban development are as follows:


n                    Completion of certain 2nd CSF projects, such as the continuation of the successful expansion of the Athens Metro, and promotion of the Thessaloniki Metro in order to help reduce congestion and pollution and improve the city’s quality of life.


The specific objectives in the area of road safety are as follows:


n                    Improvement in road safety on the national road network by upgrading the technical characteristics of roads, ensuring adequate and effective policing and the use of electronic information and warning systems for road users.


n                    Provision of up-to-date equipment and modern organization structures to the competent authorities and agencies which deal with accidents (mainly road accidents), with motorway policing and with transport-related information provision.



Selected Basic Indicators


The principal results expected from the completion of the programme are as follows:


n                    Construction, upgrading/ completion of 388 km of Priority I roads (including sections of the PATHE Highway, the Egnatia Highway, the Attica Ring Road and the Rio-Antirrio bridge).


n                    Construction, upgrading/ completion of 98 km of Priority II roads (including sections of the Northern Highway of Crete, the vertical axes of the Egnatia Highway, the Ionian Highway and the island roads)


n                    Construction of some 13 km of new Athens Metro line, 10 new Metro stations and 7 transfer stations, as well as purchase of 17 new trains.


n                    Interventions to upgrade and develop at least 6 of the country’s sea ports.


n                    Expansion of the Vessel Traffic Management and Information System (VTMIS) to cover traffic over a section of the Aegean sea.


n                    Procurement of multiple-role helicopters, vessels to combat sea pollution and fire-fighting vessels.



Implementation Progress


Up to date, a total of 41 projects have been approved, their total public cost amounting to 69.8% of the overall public cost of the programme. Total budget contracted (legal commitments) corresponds to 56% of the overall public cost of the programme, while expenditure to date on the whole programme amounts to 40.7% of the overall public cost of the OP.


Important projects have already been completed or are being now approaching completion, including the "Attica Ring Road", with a budget of 1,600 million euro, the "PATHE Highway sections under the 2nd CSF", with a budget of 446 million euro, the "Rio-Antirrio Bridge", with a budget of 414 million euro, the "Egnatia Highway sections in Macedonia and Thrace under the 2nd CSF ", with a budget of 714 million euro, and the "Kifissos Avenue", with a budget of 170 million euro.