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Thessaly Regional Operational Programme 2000-2006


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ROP Budget


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Strategic Objectives


The region’s strategic objective for the new programming period is to accelerate its development process in order to form a new and viable sectoral ‘mix’ incorporating high technology and modern corporate management, to utilize region specialisation and  the skills and accumulated expertise of its labour force, to create scale economies and exploit new markets opening up through globalisation and in the Balkans. These objectives must be met without compromising the efforts to eliminate inequalities, to protect the natural environment, natural resources and areas of outstanding beauty, and to preserve social cohesion.


Within the context of the programme, special emphasis is placed on three ‘special’ types of action which seek the development and dissemination of innovation in the Region. Emphasis is also placed on the ‘integrated’ development of neglected urban areas and the ‘integrated’ development of mountainous/remote rural parts of the region. These actions run trough all the priority axes and act in parallel and as a complement to the other actions.


The general objectives are broken down into primary operational targets, which are implemented through a range of actions and measures (40) included in the following priority axes:


n              Strengthening of the productive environment


n              Integrated development of the countryside


n              Quality of life


n              Exploitation of the central position of the region and its promotion as a “node of networks”


n              Development of human resources


n              Technical Assistance



Selected Basic Indicators


The basic results expected from the completion of the programme are as follows:


n              Innovative actions to modernize 180 SΜΕs


n              Modernization of tourist accommodation: 700 class C and above beds


n              Modernization of tourist accommodation: 3,500 beds, in rented rooms


n              Modernization for 100 tourist SMEs


n              880 investments in agricultural holdings


n              Construction of 5 fishing harbours


n              Construction of dams, total holding capacity 600,000 m3 of water


n              Construction of 10km and improvement of 140km of provincial roads


n              Construction of 50km of new forest roads


n              7 integrated rural development programmes


n              3 new welfare infrastructures


n              New primary and secondary education infrastructure: 21 buildings


n              Construction of one landfill site


n              Construction of 1 new waste water treatment plant


n              6 integrated urban development programmes


n              10 Local Employment Initiatives


n              Construction / improvement of 29km of inter-regional roads


n              Construction / improvement of 51km of inter-prefectural roads


n              Improvements to 3 ports


n              Total of 20km of urban centre bypasses


n              2,530 trainees



Implementation Progress


592 projects have been approved up to date, their total public cost amounting to 75.1% of the overall public cost of the programme. Total budget contracted (legal commitments) corresponds to 49.5% of the overall public cost of the programme, while expenditure to date on the whole programme amounts to 25.1% of the overall public cost of the ROP.


Important projects have already been completed or are now approaching completion, including:


n              "Longa Dam, Prefecture of Trikala (completion of works)", with a budget of €1,501,903


n              "Completion of Panayiotiko dam", with a budget of €2,776,780


n              "Platykampos reservoir", with a budget of €2,900,000


n              "Palamas water supply", with a budget of €1,965,725


n              "Construction of 1st primary School, Yiannouli", with a budget of €1,969,016


n              "Construction of 23rd Primary School, Larissa", with a budget of €1,481,139


n              "Construction of Gonnes Bridge", with a budget of €1,614,087


n              "Patitiri Port, Alonnissos (phase II)", with a budget of €1,692,417


n              "Extension of the central pier at the Skiathos harbour", with a budget of €1,467,350