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Epirus Regional Operational Programme 2000-2006


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ROP Budget


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Strategic Objectives


The strategic development objective of the ROP is to achieve the greatest possible capitalisation on the opportunities offered by the geographic position of the region, and by its cultural and natural wealth, in order to help the region emerge from isolation. More specifically the ROP seeks to attain the following strategic aims:


n              Exploitation of major transportation projects, which make the Region a “Western Gate” for North Greece


n              Establishment of the city of Ioannina -as well as the rest of the cities- as regional and national development centre


n              Promotion of the natural and cultural wealth of the rural area


n              Using the natural and cultural resources of the Region as a basis for tourism development


n              Encouragement of development, transfer and utilization of innovative actions


n              Harmonization of the interventions concerning the environment with the European legislation


n              Ensuring a well educated labour force, adapted to the new conditions in Epirus


The development strategy for the region is implemented through 6 priority axes and a total of 30 measures.



Selected Basic Indicators


The basic results expected from the completion of the programme are as follows:


n              Construction-improvement of about 14 km of national highway, 6.7 km of inter-regional roads, 9.5 km of urban roads and 270 km of rural and provincial roads 


n              Construction of sections of the Egnatia Highway, of a total length of about 9 km


n              Funding of some 120 investment plans for manufacturing SMEs and 110 for tourist SMEs


n              Construction-replacement of 260 km of water supply network


n              Environmental projects: sanitary landfill sites (3), urban regeneration actions (39), town planning actions (6) and interventions in natural wildlife habitats (4)


n              Projects to upgrade health infrastructure (12), welfare infrastructure (8) and community care infrastructure (97)


n              Promotion and conservation of 45 monuments


n              Support for tourism


n              Support for 250 agricultural holdings, 45 livestock-farming units and 10 private forests


n              Improvement and modernization of irrigation systems over 4,800 hectares


n              12 actions in secondary and tertiary education


n              Upgrading of vocational qualifications and skills of some 2,030 persons



Implementation Progress


530 projects have been approved up to date, their total public cost amounting to 67.7% of the overall public cost of the programme. Total budget contracted (legal commitments) corresponds to 44.2% of the overall public cost of the programme, while expenditure to date on the whole programme amounts to 17.7% of the overall public cost of the ROP.


Important projects have already been completed or are approaching completion, including:


n              "Improvement-renovation of the Ioannina-Metsovo section of national highway", with a budget of €2,934,703


n              "Epirus technology park", with a budget of €2,276,184


n              "Improvement-renovation of the Ioannina-Arta section of the old national highway", with a budget of €3,050,000


n              "Construction of primary school and kindergarten in the area of Kiafa", with a budget of €2,934,703


n              "Procurement of medical equipment for the Regional University Hospital of Ioannina", with a budget of €2,259,721


n              "Arta Museum", with a budget of €5,570,066


n              "Reinforcement, restoration and conversion of the SOUFARI RERAI building, creating an archive for state doacuments in the prefecture of Ioannina", with a budget of €5,135,000


n              "Elaia-Phoinikio-Filiata irrigation project, prefecture of Thesprotia", with a budget of €8,900,000


n              "Improvement-asphalt resurfacing of the 36th provincial road Armata-Distrato", with a budget of €3,521,643


n              "Improvement-asphalt resurfacing of road section from the 25th provincial road to Laista", with a budget of €4,290,000


n              "Improvement-asphalt resurfacing of the 45th provincial road, section Leptokarya-Doliani", with a budget of €3,250,000


n              "Plataria school centre", with a  budget of €1,614,087


n              "Construction and equipment supply for the building complex of the Greek Society for the Protection and Rehabilitation of Disabled Children", with a budget of €3,400,000


n              "Metsovion Interdisciplinary Research Centre, part of the National Technical University of Athens, for the protection and development of the mountain environment and local European cultures", with a budget of €2,273,387