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Western Macedonia Regional Operational Programme 2000-2006


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ROP Budget


Total Cost:



Public Cost:   



Community Participation:



National Participation:  



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Strategic Objectives


The strategic development objective for Western Macedonia over the period 2000-2006 is to contribute to the creation of a dynamic region that will utilise its natural reserves and its position in the western Balkans to create a competitive and productive climate, as well as new employment opportunities.


This strategic development objective is achieved through a number of actions and measures (36) which are included in the following 7 priority axes:


n              Increased employment opportunities - reduction of unemployment


n              Utilisation of Trans-European Networks by the region's urban and productive centres


n              Support to urban areas


n              Restructuring of the local economy - encouraging businesses to be more outward-looking


n              Agricultural development


n              Integrated development of mountain and lakeside areas


n              Technical assistance



Selected Basic Indicators


The basic results expected from the completion of the programme are as follows:


n              Construction of 28 km of separated highway


n              Improving the skills of 3,100 unemployed individuals


n              Support for 600 agricultural holdings


n              Construction – improvement of 135 km water supply network


n              Construction – improvement of 5 waste water treatment plants



Implementation Progress


345 projects have been approved up to date, their total public cost amounting to 65.9% of the overall public cost of the programme. Total budget contracted (legal commitments) corresponds to 49.8% of the total public cost of the programme, while expenditure to date on the whole programme amounts to 27.7% of the overall public cost of the ROP.


Important projects have already been completed or are now approaching completion, including:


n              "Improvement of the Amyntaio-Kozani railway line", with a budget of €25,000,000


n              "Deskati water supply", with a budget of €4,575,201


n              "Completion of sections of the Egnatia Highway; vertical axis, Kostarazi-Argos Orestiko section", with a budget of €36,683,785


n              "Integrated waste management system – Equipment supply – Automatic disposal", with a budget of €1,379,310.