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Operational Programme Environment 2000-2006


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O.P. Budget


Total Cost:  



Public Cost:   



Community Participation



National Participation  



Private Participation





  Strategic Objectives


The programme works in a complementary way to the environmental actions included in other Operational Programmes.


In its initial programming, O.P. "Environment" did not include major environmental infrastructure projects, such as sewage and waste treatment facilities, since these projects were financed by the Cohesion Fund and the Regional Operational Programmes. However, the recently revised Programme does include funding of this type of priority projects.


The programme’s main priorities include target:


n              Actions of major national importance for improving quality of life, such as monitoring air quality and noise levels and the management of toxic and hazardous waste


n              Actions whose implementation requires expertise not available at regional or local level


n              Actions requiring infrastructure at a national level, such as the Water Quality Monitoring Network and the National Network for Environmental Information


n              Actions of an inter-regional character, such as integrated actions for the NATURA 2000 regions


n              Actions to implement EU Directives and International Treaties and Agreements



n              Urban regeneration actions on a national scale and of national importance, or of an innovative character, such as the unification of the Athens archaeological sites, interventions in Thessaloniki and other major cities, and the protection, promotion and conservation of traditional communities


n              Actions involving special programmes with particular environmental and know-how requirements, such as response to major industrial accidents, monitoring of global environmental problems, etc


n              Flood prevention actions


n              Preventive and reclamation actions for soil and water resources


n              Promotion of national planning for special (toxic) waste management


n              Actions of regional character for the country’s adaptation to the European Union legislation in the sectors of sewage and municipal solid waste handling



Selected Basic Indicators


The basic results expected from the completion of the programme are as follows:


n              Improvement of the primary water supply system for 150,000 residents


n              Meeting requirements (by 50%) of the implementation guidelines for directive EC 60/2000 on water


n              Reclamation of 33 acres of land contaminated by hazardous wastes


n              Restoration of landfill sites (serving 56% of the population)


n              Inspection-observation of 90% of marine environment around Greek coastline (including respective actions in O.P. Highways-Ports-Urban Development)


n              Providing Civil Emergency Plans to cover 70% of population for large-scale accidents


n              Meeting 100% of obligations arising from EU legislation on air quality


n              Establishment of a special Inspectorate for environmental legislation


n              Preparation of local master plans for 30 municipalities


n              Preparation of 5 national land-use plans


n              45 sustainable urban development actions


n              Design and establishment of management agencies for 25 environmental protection zones



Implementation Progress


369 projects have been approved up to date, with a total public cost amounting to 62% of the overall public cost of the programme. Total budget contracted (legal commitments) amounts to 39.8% of the total public cost of the programme, while expenditure to date amounts to 24.3% of the overall public cost of the OP.


Important projects currently being implemented include:


During construction:

n        Re-construction of Lake Karla, with a total budget of 152 million euro.


Approaching completion:

n        Procurement by Ministry of Merchant Marine of four vessels to combat marine pollution, with a budget of 6.5 million euro.


At implementation stage:

n        Actions to meet the country’s obligations under EU Directives and International Agreements (involves most measures in the programme).

n        Operation of networks to monitor quality of marine environment, quality of coastal bathing waters, quality of underground water reserves, total budget: 3.1 million euro.


The revised Operational Programme includes provisions for the completion and operation of projects involving Waste Water Treatment Plants and restoration of land-fill sites, with a total budget of approx. 69 million euro.