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Operational Programme Competitiveness 2000-2006


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OP Budget


Total Cost:



Public Cost:   



Community Participation:



National Participation:  



Private Participation: 




Strategic Objectives


In order to achieve the programme’s strategic objective, namely the convergence of competitiveness with other European countries, a series of specific objectives has been set:


n              Enhancement of the competitive edge of existing enterprises and creation of new enterprises that will exploit innovation and make use of modern technology.


n              In the framework of research and technology, the goal is to encourage new business activities and to support the creation of new competitive advantages based on cohesive technical and economic networks.


n              Restructuring and enhancement of Greece's existing advantages in tourism, while simultaneously creating new advantages.


n              Increasing the contribution of energy and natural resources fields to Greek competitiveness, while respecting the country's environmental obligations.



Selected Basic Indicators


The basic results expected from the completion of the programme are as follows:


n              Quality upgrade of hotels, camping sites, furnished rooms and apartments to let (5,000 assisted enterprises)


n              Subsidies to 68 manufacturing enterprises (within the framework of the Greek Development Law)


n              Support for 80 investment proposals (of up to 1,500,000 euro each) for existing enterprises


n              Start-up of 2,400 new businesses


n              200 assisted projects for the creation of spin off companies


n              310 assisted projects for industrial research and technology (PAVET - Programme for the Development of Industrial Research and Technology)


n              1000 assisted projects for transnational co-operation in R&TD


n              Establishment and operation of the Hellenic Electricity Operator


n              Construction of a 305 km medium and high-pressure natural gas network in new towns


n              300 assisted projects supporting the research community



Implementation Progress


559 projects have been approved up to date, their total public cost amounting to 69.9% of the overall public cost of the programme. The Total budget contracted (legal commitments) corresponds to 50.9% of the total public cost of the programme, while expenditure to date amounts to 25.7% of the overall public cost of the OP.


Important projects have already been completed, such as "Establishing and operating a guarantee fund for small- and micro- enterprises", with a budget of 100 million euro, while the "Establishment and operation of the Hellenic Electricity Operator (DESMIE)", the "Organisation and operation of the Regulatory Authority for Energy", as well as projects preparing the deregulation of the natural gas market are now approaching completion.